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RACLET IS THE LEADING FRENCH MANUFACTURER OF TRAILER TENTS. Raclet has over 70 years’ experience in manufacturing camping equipment. We use only the best components to ensure our products last the test of time: top quality outdoor treated cotton, stitching with unbreakable thread, YKK zips, Trigano and AL-KO axles, galvanised chassis and more. Most models come with an inbuilt awning groundsheet for complete protection against the damp and insects.

RACLET TRAILER TENTS COMBINE ALL THE COMFORTS OF A MODERN CARAVAN WITH THE PLEASURE OF HOLIDAYING IN A TENT. They are tents that are built into trailers. They are easy to fold and pitch in just a few simple movements. They have one or more bedrooms, as well as an awning, the size of which varies depending on the chosen model and intended purpose. Whether they are for two people or a whole family, Raclet products cater for all your needs in terms of comfort and practicality, to make your camping holidays pleasant and enjoyable and leave you with some great memories.

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